Spin or Fly fishing for giant King Salmon

king salmon fishingIf people are talking about giant King Salmon in Canada, they think about the Skeena River, where the world record is held for King Salmon caught on a fishing rod.

Thousand's of those big fish enter the Skeena and make there way upstream to the spawning rivers. One of those rivers, where the third largest Skeena River King Salmon run return to, is the place that we take our customers from all over the world.

The Sustut remains pure and the river runs clear and breaks cleanly into pools and runs that may never have been fished for kings. The Sustut flows as it has always flowed, and the King Salmon come as they have always come, every August.

The Natives call the Sustut River "mother of the Skeena". By the end of July the pools and runs on this pristine and remote river are starting to fill up with over 20 000 giant King Salmon. Those fish, which can be readily taken by either fly or spoon, are well known for their immense power and huge size, averaging thirty pounds.

Salmon fishing lodge near the Skeena River

There is no road access to the river which is a Class One status in British Columbia and can only be reached by plane or helicopter. Because of this, there is little pressure on the river and our customers will see hardly any other movement on the river, except wildlife such as moose and bear.

Suskeena Lodge offers weekly King Salmon fishing trips on the Sustut River, starting the last week in July.

Sustut River, British Columbia - salmon fishing guides, tripsThere are five cabins for the guests with the main lodge containing a kitchen, dining and living area with open fireplace. Full washroom and shower facilities are provided. Radio and Satellite phone are present in the main lodge.


A professional staff takes care of our customers and brings the fishermen to the best fishing grounds with our jet boats. The maximum occupancy of Suskeena Lodge for King Salmon fishing is 12 persons. Can you imagine, 12 people on a stretch water, 25 miles long.

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